So far, so good

After managing some sleep last night I wasn’t quite the zombie this morning. I hadn’t left much to the last minute. Just turning off the computer, packing the cables and tossing my toothbrush in the suitcase. Along with the towel which I had let lying on top last night.

George to be extremely kind to me dropped me off at Mannheim so that I wouldn’t have to deal with a train & platform change while dragging a duffle. When walking a four wheeler it is a cinch, but not a two wheeled duffle (Never mind that it only weighed 12.5 kg fully loaded at check in.). Also part of the deal was that I had planned on taking a duffle full of books since I have lots and lots that need homes. Sanity struck partway to Mannheim. I had trashed my back less than a month ago. I was going hiking with a camera pack in less than 2 days. I want to haul a bag of books which weighs more than the duffle and doesn’t have wheels because?

Nice person maybe? But seriously, I hadn’t thought through the duffle issue. Normally if I have a second bag it is a duffle. Drop it on top of the wheeled Rimowa and there are no issues. But two duffles, one award with wheels and the other needed a shoulder already occupied by my backpack? With age maybe comes wisdom…

Airport, check-in all went smoothly. Security? Frankfurt is installing the new body scanners. I don’t play with those. My immune system is already compromised – I accept the exposure that comes with flying – no choice there. But I completely avoid all other ionizing and non-ionizing exposures…Zapping or cooking – not going to make squat bit of difference to my dead lymphocyte. They aren’t as cheerful about refusals – but pat downs work…

Boarding in 30 minutes – and will actually send this out from Istanbul….

Well – as it turns out – not. I had about an hour in the International Terminal. Leaving from the 300s section, the place was packed. People watching was amazing: college age westerners with baseball caps, scruffy faces, ponytails, backpacks, paperbacks mixed in with Muslim mothers herding flocks of small children barely able to see for burkahs and veils. Business men looking irritated at the minimal air conditioning and level of noise. ┬áThere might be a lounge, but it wasn’t in my area.

leaving Attaturk

leaving Attaturk

The flight left pretty much on time with a good view of the Bosphorus as we made the turn after take off toward Africa. After dropping us off at Kilimanjaro Airport, the remaining passengers winged their way on to Mombassa.

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