sleepy = stupid

After standing by for several flights on Thurs in Kuwait (all of which were canceled), starting early Friday morning the AF reorganized their flight schedule once again. Means that, instead of two flights a day (to be changed, canceled or full) there were going to be five opportunities to be confused, challenged or left behind.

I also had found three NCOs who were inbound to one of our subordinate units, stranded there since the previous weekend at CRC. Convincing the nice people at the desk to boost up their priority – we managed to snag seats on the 0100 passenger call flight. Moose 58 no less. With two other chances prior to 0600 and no more R & R due in before that time, it looked like a real chance to clear out a back log in the hundreds of people waiting for flights north.

Given palletizing bags, hanging out, formations, bus riding and plane loading it was after 0430 when we were finally taking off. Add in a time zone change and you can understand why it was after 1000 when we landed in Bagram. Marching off the plane to the Pax terminal, I was more than glad for the DV treatment since it gave me enough time to call the NCOs unit, drop off some of my gear at my BHut and get back before the pallet was unloaded.

Being terrific guys – they had rounded up my bags along with theirs. In turn, I hung on to all the weapons while they got them out of the baggage yard.

From there, it was my last bit of intelligence for the day. I headed back to the room with the rest of my gear, got cleaned up, picked up and dropped off laundry before heading to the office.

I knew I was tired, after all, this was my third night of travel in the last 7 days in the “no sleep, up all night” mode. Maybe it didn’t bother me in college, med school or residency (we will not mention all those years of small people in the house), but I think I just might be too old for that nonsense now.

I am sitting at my desk with a simple list of tasks – and they are insurmountable. I finally wade through the email – sorting, stashing and trying to figure out some priorities. I have OERs (5) and NCOERs (2)  to complete.

It is at this point I realize that I am answering an email again and that the comments I am drafting for the evals make no sense.

Gathering up my notebook and coffee mug – I am heading back to the room. I need some sleep. (and where I happily added this post, forgetting to hit the send).

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