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  1. I do have your mailing address and if I find anything I think you need or there is anything you need then tell me and it will be used!

  2. Ha — I was going to ask you for your mailing address so that I could send you something. J

    We are certainly sending you heaps of good wishes – those don’t get delayed in the mail, get hijacked by someone else, or wilt after a week!

  3. Holly, I am sending lots and lots of good wishes and prayers for the coming year!

    Thank you for the pleasure of reading your blog for so long!

    • All good wishes and prayers gratefully accepted. Now, since we have been in contact from the early days of the knit list (~ 1995) it seems like you should really be in need of some yarn… want yarn?

  4. Have no idea when your birthday is (mine is Jan.1st;) But since you got some lovely gifts, I assume it is coming up soon. So wishing you good health and many happy returns!
    Thinking and praying for you.

    • Actually I am an Oct child which tells you how many years I can successfully duck gifts and greetings.

      A New Year’s Baby – how fun! or Not as the case may be. Do the Canadian tax rules run the same as the US (parents get full credit for the child in the year they are born (which means 31 Dec is by far a better deal than 1 Jan)

      • Actually I do enjoy being a new year’s baby because there is always a party/celebration to bring in my birthday;) always young at heart!

  5. Outflow is the way to go. When we decided to go full time in an RV we had a 2000 sq. ft. house and a garage sized storage shed filled with “stuff”. None of the kids wanted our stuff. They all have houses filled with their own. (I did have the pleasure of gifting some desirable things to each of the kids.) After storing it at $400 ++ per month, we finally sent most of it to an auction house. I used to be one of those women who shopped for enjoyment. Now, there’s not room for that indulgence. We still have a small storage shed with some stuff in it. Bill is more inclined to keeping stuff for sentimental reasons than I am. I think the kids are relieved, they will never be responsible for cleaning up after us when we’re gone. There are a few things that gave me a pang, but for the most part I’m okay with it.

    • I will easily admit that most of the stuff in the garage is probably mine. I am contemplating that the best way to probably get rid of most of it is just to drop off boxes without opening them at all. Many of the things that I got 30-40 years ago no longer appeal. Much of the fiber things, I am honestly not going to use. And the books? Many should find a new home with someone else.

      But then I keep thinking of those few times when something has gone out then has to be replaced……

      I think if I had to pay for storage it would be easier to let things go…

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