Sights and Sounds – Kandahar

At night you can not tell one PAX terminal from the other. Leaving side the fact that there is this huge sign that says Kandahar on the side of the terminal.

I will skip the early morning STOL that was canceled, the mid-afternoon flight that was designated cargo only and just dwell on the C-130 winding its way over mountains and valleys after dark. Not having luggage that was palletized, it was an easy hike to the terminal, swiping in and getting the briefing. (take the warnings seriously and go to ground, bunker, hardened building appropriately)

This morning the sun is shining brightly and there is the ubiquitous dust over everything. The nearest DFAC is NATO. There is no skim milk, there is no soy milk, but there is hot water that is actually hot and a good choice of tea bags. I guess one can not have everything.

Billeting here is row upon column of huts composed of UN type containers. Rooms in a row all facing a long haul with the Loo at the end safely secured behind a number lock. From above, finding anything would be problematic. From the ground, it is a grid. Numbers on the buildings, numbers on the cement barriers signifying rows and columns. Since we are only here last night and maybe tonight, I am not even going to figure out where I am, just trust my CPT not to lead me into danger or get me lost.


As soon as I find a friend who has access, I will try to load some photos. I don’t have a clue why anyone wants to see me in either full battle rattle or with the ever present weapon, but I will give it a shot.

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