Should have driven

Last weekend the DH and I talked about my plan to drive back to Heidelberg today.

He convinced me that it would be much easier to take the plane. Why did I not really think this thru before signing up for another British Airways flight?

The excuse today was “storms in Europe.” Ok, I can live with that.

I was already a bit ahead of schedule since the nice man at the Camberley train station gave me a route to Heathrow that cost 6,40L rather than 14L. That is a good thing – 0718 to Ascot. Wait 10 minutes and change toward Waterloo, exiting at Feltham (about 20 minutes or so). Stand in the freezing cold for 15 minutes to catch the 285 to Heathrow Central Bus Station getting me there well before 0900.

Of course, Heathrow is the airport where they don’t put up your gate till 45 minutes prior to the flight. Juggling coffee, juice and a muffin, I finally found a small table along a bench in one of the central areas. For the next couple of hours I worked on a sock (more about that later) while chatting with a college student from Missouri. She is on break from Boston College, headed to Milan for a week to visit her brother on his year abroad.

We did a cattle car load onto the plane. And then we missed our slot because the luggage wasn’t all loaded. Seemed like BA had not counted on the 36 young airmen headed to Germany complete with two large and heavy duffel bags each.

The plan of course was packed, and more carry-on that there were people. This was my view for a long, long boring time.


Almost three hours later we took off. According to the DH, the flight was still on the Frankfurt board as arriving, when it hadn’t even taken off.

Hint – don’t take the bus from Terminal 2 @ Frankfurt over to the train station – walk up stairs and take the shuttle. It is much faster and you won’t miss your train. Natch – the next train was 15 minutes late before taking over an hour to get to Mannheim (35 minute journey).

It was 1830 before I made Heidelberg, by far too late to make the 1600 Strick-Treff at Cafe Maximos with the rest of the Heidelberg Knitters.

Did I mention that we had dinner scheduled at 1930 with friends?

Long day. And it never takes me 12 hours to drive between, even counting the Ferry.


March first started the Sock Knitting Pentathlon. A totally crazy group from at least 30 countries that is committed to knitting five pairs of socks – one pair every two months and speed counts.

The first pattern was posted at 0000 EST (GM+5) so I downloaded it around 0600 this morning and packed my yarn and needles. I attempted to do the toe up cast on while waiting for the train and on the train. Forget that – and switched over to top down.

I had this lovely skein of burgundy Fleece Artist that is wool, silk and kid merino.

Making good progress I had lots of time to knit on the plane.


And was to here before heading out to dinner –


The nice thing about top down, is that I was able to integrate the toe decreases with the final diamond of the pattern.


If I can, I will start the second sock tonight and finish it to post in the morning.


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