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She has the right idea. Play really hard and then sleep whenever the opportunity strikes. A happy camper today, she was back in the office with me today after being excluded all of last week.


A lovely Finnish pattern, I have been considering this shawl pattern for a while. I had the ball of yarn that wanted to be something simple, something that would knit up quickly and show off the self striping shininess of the wool/silk blend. Certainly it has not been happy forced into the configuration of a sock – and settled comfortably into a ball immediately upon frogging.

Completion of Chart I

25+ rows

25+ rows

followed by partway through Chart II

55 rows

55 rows

while listening first to Spider on the Web followed by the most recent three episodes of The Secret World Chronicles – the Hunt. I just picked up The Metamor City Podcast and will see how it goes. Quality of the record seems good, and one never knows about shared universes. Several of the usual Podiobooks suspects are intermittently involved.

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2 Responses to short projects

  1. Linda M says:

    Revontuli has been in my queue for a while. I found some very cool German yarn that shades slowly through a gradient for the length of the skein. A Ravelry friend bought me a skein of black-to-red: (really wanted the red to black – Carmen – color they show, but mine is wound the other way so I think I have more red and less black). I may start working on it after I finish my Lotus Blossom (next month?) or maybe I’ll start something else. I am nothing if not a fickle knitter!

  2. Kathryn says:

    It is clearly a dog’s life….sigh!
    Do you actually wear the shawls? I make them and they always seem to get passed on to other people!

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