Shadow Socks

Ok, yes I finished the socks prior to getting on the train. I posted pictures to Flickr, but just didn’t have enough time to post them here. Taking the 1515 train was a better idea than the 1715.

Sock Madness

at 1130

I had made it this far. There is this small issue of when to do the heels….After thought heels are perhaps my least favorite kind of heel. From a colour control point of view, they help you avoid the whole issue of colour pooling for most patterned yarns. The cost is poorer fit due to the lack of a gusset.

If you are in Germany, and your scissors are in the UK – you can make due with a glass sided pepper mill and a knife to cut the waste yarn so that you can insert that after thought heel just discussed. Scissors would have been easier and a lot less scary, but I didn’t want to take the time to go shopping for another pair.

If you don\'t have scissors to cut the waste yarn

I had taken a break from knitting the second sock to complete the first heel, just in case there were adjustments that I needed to make prior to committing myself to the second.

While I was at it – I finished up both heels, before heading down the second sock to the toe.

first sock done and the second well on its way

Both socks complete at 1305, European Daylight Savings Time with pictures posted about 20 minutes later. Yarn is dyed by Michelle from the Sweet Sheep. Called Golden Ticket, it was part of the Spectrum challenge in 2007.

Golden Shadows - done at 1305

Packing then complete, I caught the train, got to Munich and arrived at the SanAk while the conference office was still open.

I won’t tell you that I knit on the train or during the evening. It would be too much


Poison Dream by T A Pratt.

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