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    • it was cute. And having been to a fair number of the Pacific Islands – other than the fact that most men are not as wide as they are tall….. Disney’s research team did a good job creating a blend of islander water craft, symbols and styles…. that fits in with the history of the Pacific seafarers

      • Cool! I guess I need to go see it. I’ve been culturally Frozen out a bit in the movie department.

        • Unlike the movie of the bad pun, this is not a romance. The female lead is not an idiot and I really, really enjoyed the rooster.

  1. I believe on the CC thread for the circumnavigation I recommended O/S visitors to a film called Red Dog – I still recommend it.

    This year a ‘prequel’ was released. I think you would find it interesting – Red Dog – True Blue is the title.

    However, I think it unlikely you would have access to either being totally Australian productions.

    The one released this year (Red Dog – True Blue) has a very interesting story line which draws on Aboriginal Dreamtime and how things were in remote Australia in the 50s (60s?)

    You are doing remarkably well with your stitching. It would drive me crazy with the number of threads too!

    Can’t say much about your health situation other than I’m hoping you progress well.

    • The movie (Red Dog – True Blue) is available on the Amazon App for Zone 1, looks like people – not cartoons. Thanks for the recommendation.

      Going to be taking easy stitching on the cruises this year along with enough yarn for a few hats… Not going to be on the Legend in March by any chance?

  2. Good news about the pillow, you should really have a nap in the afternoon when possible .
    Your cross stitch is coming on really great .
    No knitting for me this week ,I intend to make up for it next week .

    Happy New Year to you and George and your family.
    Gosh bless you .

  3. Egbert and I want to wish you, George and “your offspring” all the best for 2017.
    For you a big portion health ! I hope your therapy will work well and we will see you on Legend
    in March.

    Enjoy the evening where ever you are !!

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