Settling In

I am here. Certainly not unpacked or organized, but I slept in what is putatively my own (new) bed last night.

At work I have a lot of sorting out to do: who pays for what, who I keep informed on what, and how I can possibly do my job without internet in my office. You see, the internal computer system is old. I don’t mind the CRT monitor. It is colour, so figure 90s rather than 80s. The tower is Siemans, made in Germany and supposedly came loaded with XP. Actually it is running with NT, but that also gives me a date frame of reference.

The rest of my to-do list is simple. Bed linens, groceries and find a photo so that I can go and get my military train card.

I have this little office which is much smaller than it appears in the photo. I can almost touch the right wall and that large safe at the same time. Speaking of the large safe, no clue what it is for, nor how to open it.
It really isn\'t that big
overlooking the old main gate. That large sign board you see, well it used to hang out in the office my predecessor had. I am ok in the smaller space, but it might have been nice to be a little bit more comfortably situated. As I told someone who was worried – hey, it is not a field desk and I have heat. Happy camper.

Trip to London in the morning…

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