Second verse, same as the first

Only it wasn’t.

There were no issues with the taxi on the way to the train station. The train went exactly where it was supposed to and dropped me at the Frankfurt airport without delays or detours. Checking was a breeze and security wasn’t even much of a hassle even allowing for the woman in front of me who spoke perfectly clear German but still couldn’t manage to follow directions. I mean really! Who would have thought that security actually expected her to take out all her cosmetics and put them in a bag where just anyone could see them?

I had plenty of time and didn’t even care that the line had come to a standstill. Me with electronics, leather zippered jacket and sandals was probably a welcome relief. All they warned to see was my knitting needles.

Flight was fine made even better by the fact that I had no one sitting next to me. Immigration at SFO was the worst that I have seen there. Took a couple of hours by the time I had collected my luggage. Checking in with Southwest Airlines, I spent the rest of my waiting time in the USO.

By the time I got to Phoenix is was so wiped that falling into the hotel bed was a welcome relief. No free wifi or breakfast. Blah.

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