Sea Days 1/3


Rather than give you a long diatribe about three days at sea, the crowded solarium, and the ignorant who can’t read (Hello? The sign says NO SAVING DECK CHAIRS. What makes you think you are exempt? A few minutes I can understand. But getting up, dropping off a towel and not coming back for hours at a time is just plain selfish. Yes, it is warm and sheltered from the wind and I know that your towel is enjoying the break from being squashed. However there just happen to be another 1800 or so individuals on this ship who might like a chance to enjoy the warmth, humidity and the sight of bodies overly stuffed into spandex. Off soap box)

It is not the same as the crafting group. Admittedly one of us is there fairly early to grab a table and chairs. And more tables and more chairs as the group expands. We do give up the area as people leave.

So that takes care of the 17th.

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