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  1. They make these things called battery operated drills and screwdrivers. They are particularly handy for old folks (yes that’s you and me) who need to do “some assembly required” and suffer from no longer being 29.

  2. for someone so smart, well why on earth did you not buy a battery operated drill which fits all kinds of screw bits, drills,sockets and allen wrenches.

    • Because I am cheap, and this is the first time I have seriously needed such an item since we moved here to California. Once the second one is put together, it will probably be years again before I would need it. But mostly because screwdrivers (seven of them) were $12 and the electric set is $50+

  3. You got the shelving units together? Power screwdrivers are the secret to assembling the units.

    • So everyone keeps telling me. Of course, it didn’t seem like a reasonable outlay of funds when something like this comes up only once every 5-10 years

  4. I can certainly relate to putting things together (both with and without the proper tools). Having built several computers from the ground up; that is, ordering individual parts and matching everything together in hopes of having truly customized systems. Hope the wrists get back their strength and flexibility rather quickly.

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