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  1. @Lynne L

    Not going anywhere for the present (unless you want to count ships and planes and trains)

    just moving the stuff while Uncle Sam will still pay

  2. I have been thinking of all the packing up you are going to have to do ,or it’s already done. It’s cetainly a very big job one does not realise how much stuff one has collected over the years do we.!!!!

    Where in the States are you moving too ?At least I do know once my repairs are complete I will return back home. I too have already decided that some of the furniture is not going back to where it was before will try & sell some of it if I can when I return from trip.

    I too have a room filled with boxes of all shapes & sizes because the packers haven’t dropped me off any boxes. While the lounge is fill of furniture I am not needing @ the moment & what I can move!!!!!

    The boxes once returned back to the rooms they came from will only be opened & gone through as to keep or distroy so I am going to be like you a big clean out.Have already done that with my clothes & some of the things in cupboards as they don’t have to be removed during repairs.

    Take care & I will be in touch once I am back home. Travel safe when you leave for next trip.

  3. @Bev

    Not moving, just shipping. But my sympathies are with you. At least I can occasionally get help from some family members….

  4. So, Is this your house in Germany you are clearing out, or one in the States? And where is it that you are eventually moving to? and When? I am fascinated at the AMOUNT of stuff you have;) When I moved 2 years ago, I had 27 years worth of accumulation, but am sure it wasn’t as much as you have!

  5. @Marise

    Yes, the house in Germany. I don’t think you had as much stuff – you don’t have the insane range of hobbies which is the cause for 80% of the problem. And two offspring is better than four in terms of stuff left behind….

  6. We did the same thing last spring. We loaded two pods for storage. Now in August we need to get rid of most all the stuff in the two pods. Ugh.

  7. I see from your blog that you’re doing housecleaning and packing in Heidelberg! Sounds familiar — we are also doing some housecleaning as part of some work on the house. Two ex-academics have a lot of books and papers, as I’m sure you and George do. It’s hard to part with stuff that’s a part of your identity.

    Good luck with the packing and shipment to CA. I remember how the military packers would pack everything, including open liquor bottles and the garbage can with garbage still in it.

  8. @Bill R

    Oh, I know that feeling. We have a small storage pod now in Berekely with the College Guy’s stuff. Once he moves into the house, that comes out. Once the rest of the stuff gets here – the high value stuff goes into the pod till the house renovations are done.

  9. When are you moving back to the USA? Or is the government giving you a deadline to get your stuff moved?

  10. @Vicki

    Not really moving, but you are right on with the deadline. Because I didn’t take a civilian job after hanging up my boots, the K-Town transportation office isn’t going to give me any extensions past the current one. Since our house comes back to us this fall and we have adult offspring headed to the area for more education, it just seemed like a win, win.

  11. @Holly

    So it is said that the husband asked the wife to get rid of some stuff in storage and she said oh no, why that stuff is worth 600 dollars. So the husband reached in his pocket and gave her 600 dollars and got rid of it. There by saving several times that in storage fees.

  12. @Bill R
    snicker, snort…

    Unfortunately, I have much more than that. Multiple years worth of storage fees. But it is a tempting thought….

  13. What a great job you are doing! There is never enough time and one is never completely ready, or that is my recollection from moving myself and my parents. Also, the stress of making decision after decision is so very exhausting.

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