Saturday at Red

Knitters, contrary to popular sterotypes, are not all elderly grey haired ladies sitting in splendid isolation needles clicking while they chat with Moggie. Most of us in fact are pretty social creatures who enjoy an appreciative audience and a chance to talk with  others of similar mind.

Hence the popularity of knitting groups.  It is why many of us organize them when we cruise, go find groups to visit when traveling to different cities and just enjoy the companionship when we are home.  Most of the time family just doesn’t appreciate the details involved in the knitting – just the comfort in the wearing. We also bring along things to share and show – like new knitting mags and books or needles or stitch markers or drop spindles.

In spite of four regulars not being able to attend, at the high point 14 were gathered at Red. There were enough of us to take over two sets of tables, talk a lot, eat cake, drink tea, coffee and just generally have a great time.

I finished a hitchhiker for Miriam to pass along to a friend –

stripes in two shades of green

knit out of sport weight yarn (two balls at 135 meters each) which makes the total scarf about a meter long and 25 cm at the widest point. 4.0 mm needles really make the knitting zip along.

I won’t make next Saturday but planning on the 5th ….

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