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  1. You and chocolate covered strawberries. I guess that It’s a little late to mention that the senior pass that the Federal Gov sells covers both forts?

    • I have the pass. In fact bought it here a couple of years ago when it turned out to be cheaper to buy the pass than pay for entries for me and the two I was dragging along

  2. San Juan has its charm, but I have seen all of it and the Caribbean I ever want to see. Or beaches. Or rum coconut drinks. Guess I am getting old and cranky.

  3. I enjoy stopping at San Juan, we were there last January and again this past October. Have fun,

    • I actually like the Art Box which is near the parking lot and one ferry stop on the way to walking downtown.

  4. I think the Veendam was in St Maarten when we were there. I have to check my photos. I don’t pay that much attention, but we had a lot of ships in port with us that day. One extra even, due to diversion because of the weather.

    I pack an insulated coffee mug with lid on cruises now. Makes transporting beverages much easier.

  5. I like the new paint jobs. 🙂 I like color. My mom liked St. Maarten’s and the Virgin Islands, and I get them mixed up in my mind.

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