San Juan

I have been here once before in my life. That was spring, 1985 on break from the MPH program at John’s Hopkins. One of my classmates and I left our families and flew Space-A along the East Coast from the Navy Airfield at Andrews via Norfolk to Jacksonville. There we managed to catch a P-3 for a long, slow ride to Rosie Roads. Billeting at the Naval Base was a whopping $6 each for a double room. Our plan was to wander the city, the island and spend some time soaking up rays on the beach.

As I remember, we came back early (Space-A on a Medevac flight that pulled us out of the wait list due to our being medical personnel) because her father became suddenly ill.

So here it is, a lovely 1430 in San Juan and history is repeating itself in a fashion. The ICU patient has to be off loaded to the ambulance prior to normal disembarking; the hearse will wait until after the passengers have gone ashore and all the paperwork has been completed.

The sky is a bit overcast and rain is threatening. None the less, I take advantage of what turns out to be National Parks week or some such and get free admission to Castillo San Cristobal (sorry for the lack of accents – they make a real mess in the editing).

As you can also tell, I have been making progress on my sweater. The last photo – of the balloon flower is courtesy of our evening waiter.

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