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Sailing the Gulf of Aden — 6 Comments

    • Black out to avoid providing a nice silhouette or target for pirate snipers…. I’ve done the drop spinning thing. It is compact. It works. It is wayyyy to slow for me…

    • Guess some people just don’t notice the difference between a hook and two needles. Shall we leave Tunisian Crochet out of the discussion?

      Blackout is to decrease individuals on ship becoming potential sniper targets. Not that it is all that easy to shoot from a moving boat. Kind of like the Bug Blatter Beast. If you can’t see him, perhaps he can’t see you. Take a towel. It comes in handy

      • I need to take Tunisian crochet with me out in public and REALLY mess with people LOL!

        And wow, kinda scary! But, yes, best to always have your towel! Not just on May 25th 😉

    • It is to decrease the chances of us being sniper targets should any pirate be stupid enough to take on a cruise ship….

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