Sailing out of Dunkirk

Driving across the fields of Flanders, several songs stuck in my mind.

The first is know as No Man’s Land in English by Eric Bogle, the original author. I only know it as Es ist an der Zeit in German, sung by Hannes Wader. This makes sense. These fields saw so many deaths in the Great War.

Neither version is particularly a happy song, but then why would you expect them to be? War may be glorious to leaders and politicians, but to the 19 year-olds who lay down their lives – it can only be loss, and sadness for those left behind. Both versions capture this quite well.

But in my head was also The Low Lands Low? (versions of it here and here). Perhaps it was a scrambling in my head of Dunmore and Dunkirk.  Sesame Street Letter D problems? Obviously different time frames and most certainly different wars, and the songs refer to different countries. I suppose it there is an Irish connection as now that I know about it. Any way – Clam Chowder does a lovely version, unfortunately I don’t see it on any of their re-issues.

Why am I at Dunkirk? Turns out it is closer and cheaper than taking the ferry from Calais. True it takes a few minutes longer, but I have knitting.

Arriving a few minutes early, I put my car in the line-up

The line up waiting for the ferry

and headed inside the lounge

Just in case you didn\'t know where you were

Hanging out and knitting (gee, theme here you think?), the announcement for the ferry caught me unexpectedly but my French is not all forgotten.

heading up the ramp

In any case, the green light was kind of a give away.

Being one of the first on, I found a comfortable place in the lounge. Enjoying the curves, angles and reflections – I worked on Ms Greyjean’s sleeves.

Comfortable, sitting in the loungeWorking on the second sleeve of Ms Greyjeans

Decent weather this time, I have no clue as to who Clipper is – about the only ship we passed in mid channel.

Clipper, passed en route

I pulled into Sanhurst right about sunset. glad to be off the road (driving on the British side is challenging the first day after being on the Continent.)

and sunset, just as I was arriving home

Ms Grayjeans has progressed with only the front and neck ribbing to be knit. I won’t be the first finished in our March Sweater Madness Group, but not the last either.

All except for the front facing is complete


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