Sailing into New York

Except for the Teardrop, before 0600


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After watching from my balcony a short while, I made the hike up to Deck 12 and an unobstructed view. Having been to NYC a few times, I could actually recognize landmarks from Brooklyn’s bridge to Staten Island to the ferries, Manhattan Skyline, the Lady.

The bridges in San Francisco are light with golden light, more visible in the fog. Not New York, light bright and white, they shine silver in the early morning.

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3 Responses to Sailing into New York

  1. Ruth says:

    Really beautiful photos. Did you celebrate the Holiday aboard ship?

  2. Steve says:

    Beautiful shots of the bridge, watched it being built and it was done just in time for us to take when I went to school. Now imagine, riding on back of a Lambretta scooter ACROSS the bridge, full throttle, metal grating deck with just water below (this was before the second deck was finished)…
    As to the Teardrop, all I can say is “Welcome to Bayonne” which is where I grew up. While you’d probably heard of MOTBY which is were a lot of equipment was shipped off to the sandbox, it was originally the Bayonne Navy Base. On the other side of that building is a huge drydock which repaired not only Navy ships, but also the USS United States, Queen Elizabeth, & Queen Mary, and more recently the old Intrepid which is now back in Manhattan. Lastly, the building behind the Teardrop toward the left at one time contained the Navy Salvage School. This is where Carl Brashear was trained in real life (Men of Honor movie).
    So much for the local tour…….you obviously missed getting a slice of famous garlic pizza.

  3. Steven Hirsch says:

    Really like the night shots of the bridge. I can almost hear the hum of the city. Where will you be for YK?

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