Safely arrived

My alarm went off incredibly early this morning. Given that the extras which found their way into the “take with” pile (and the fact it is rather dark before 0600 on a December morning) both hiking to the train station and taking the train didn’t seem particularly bright.

But Lufthansa has a contract shuttle bus service from the Crown Plaza Hotel in Heidelberg to Frankfurt airport which seemed like a more than reasonable way to get to the airport. So Bev and I loaded up, took a cab to meet the bus, boarded the bus and disembarked in front of Terminal B.

We managed to get up to the departures floor after skipping non-working elevators. I dropped off luggage to include those self-same three umbrellas which I have been dragging along since Spain and then the fun began. I am headed to the US, Bev is headed to Copenhagen. I am departing from Z; she is leaving from A. Now you can transit between the two @ Gates A 14 & A 17. None the less, I was hassled by security and the Lufthansa Senator Lounge people who just couldn’t understand why I wanted to spend a few more minutes visiting with Bev and having a coffee or two while we were at it.

Boarding the plane was a snap after that. The flight was fine, once we finally took off.

This handsome guy picked me up at the airport. After that, much of it is a blur because I was pretty tired and not sure where or who I was.

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