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  1. Had to laugh when I got your email. I have put at least a thousand things in a “safe” place, only to realize when I need it, I haven’t the faintest clue just where that safe place was! Glad it’s not just me

    • Safe places…humph! There was the year the kids were living in Hawaii…clever mom saw a cheap Dvd player, bought it, put it in a safe place until Christmas….several months later repeated same procedure….face palm on reaching “safe place” with second unit. 🙂

      • Oh yes. I used to have a shelf where I put things for “just in case.” Those times when a kid says – I need X this afternoon or I found I wasn’t going to be home at the exact time. That shelf accumulated bargains. Sometimes also more than one of the same thing…

    • Eek! When that starts to happen I am going for the Alzheimer’s testing and hanging up the license!

    • So obvious that the camera bags were the first, second, third and fourth places I looked. Just couldn’t believe I hadn’t put the small cameras there.

    • actually yes. The charger for that camera is in the bag with all the other chargers. Except for one. In that case I have the camera but the charger has not been seen since the move…

  2. Sorry to tell you, I was laughing so hard, Egbert asked what is going on ! Publish it, it will be a bestseller!!!!

  3. “Seeing life through Holly’s eyes is a wonderful and altering experience–her perspectives are fresh, sometimes brash and often irreverent. This is fascinating reading!” Acknowledgements—none of us who deploy or go downrange can easily or comfortably do it without the support of our family and friends

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