Sacrificing for art

The Maus and I walked into Heidelberg yesterday in pursuit of a couple pairs of jeans and “a few art supplies.”

We had our path marked out pretty well – a stop at Kraus proved that she is too tiny for most of their clothes. The follow on stop at Mango proved that young, hip, Spanish works. She now has jeans and some “looking professional and going to interview” clothing as well.

We picked up the Gummi Bears (well, we didn’t get him exactly bears, but the new New Blonde wanted some from the Heidelberg Shop). [In case you are wondering – the New Blonde is formerly known as The Mole. When you move to Phoenix and spend a lot of time outside, your hair goes back to the blonde of younger years. It also means you are no longer a mole).

Then we stopped in Idee. Maus has been there before. Heading back to the serious art supplies she soon had a stack of canvases (I was going to say pile, but that implies horizontal instead of vertical) and was raiding the acrylics. I now understand her continual art supply costs over the past year. Leave it with it “not cheap.”

Just as we were finishing the skies opened up and the rain came down. I was glad she had Euro’s since the idea of walking to the strassenbahn carrying five canvas, a back pack and two bags of supplies was not appealing even discounting the hike up the hill. 10E for a cab was a good bargain.

Getting organized she danced around the house getting set up, then went to work.

Working outside

Working outside

After raiding a closet for an old shirt of her dad’s (I picked based on what I knew and which I disliked the most), she set to work. Don’t think she heard a thing for hours and after those hours, it was obvious to me why she had wanted to wear old clothes.

a bit of acrylic

a bit of acrylic

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9 Responses to Sacrificing for art

  1. Steven says:

    How did she manage to keep paint out of her pipik? 🙂

  2. Carmen says:

    And you have something for your wall?

  3. Holly says:

    Ah, no as a matter of fact. Of course, first I have to find wall that isn’t covered with bookcases….

  4. Ann says:

    But what did she create? You need another photo of her end result.

  5. Bob says:

    Really serious (and famous!) artists rarely wore formal attire to work in. All we can do is try to keep them happy.

  6. Holly says:


    who said she did? photo was shot inside at about 2300 without flash. room lights are terrible.

  7. Brad says:

    What a joy, to see your child find her passion.

  8. Carmen says:


    It is great to have the talent!

  9. Oh yeah, old clothes are a must! My favorite “smock” is an old tie-died T dress. The splatters blend right in, though it now also glows in the dark thanks to the Golden Phosphorescent Medium I use in my space paintings.

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