When I met him last fall, he was quietly perched in his blue easy chair. Surveying his kingdom and content to observe. He had been there for a while, none of the bridge officers knew exactly how long. I gave him a transatlantic pin for his efforts and more or less forgot about him.

Well, apparently one must be cool to cruise the Caribbean and that means sunglasses. Add to that a home port of New Orleans and you start to see the problem. No longer content to sit quietly, both his and others feathers are ruffled and he has to have his beads. Both in addition to his pin.

The bird of the bridge

The bird of the bridge

Do you think giving him a pin on the upcoming crossing might restore some order?

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2 Responses to Russell

  1. AlisonH says:

    Turn on the Michael Jackson and let him sing along: Bead it! Bead it!

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