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  1. Good for you! By the way, if you like bird watching, there are some excellent opportunities up here in North Alabama!

    • I thought you already did that. No, wait! Training doesn’t count. It just makes things complicated

  2. I hear you ….. keeping you in my prayers … all I can do. Stay strong, and enjoy ft.lauderdale)!

  3. I am on the Pearl from the 25th to the 29th and the Navigator from the 29 to Feb to the 3rd if you want someone to have tea with.

    • Oh, what a lovely idea. Thank you. Unfortunately – I have to be back in SF by the 30th

  4. Well done Holly. I’m glad that you are feeling strong enough to escape for a while.

    Enjoy yourself immensely.

  5. Who is in Fort Lauderdale?

    I’d say “come to Portsmouth” but I doubt that you’d want to deal with winter. Having said that, how about coming to Portsmouth?

  6. Yay for escapes! I am feeling ready to escape myself, though I think I will be unlikely to get away with it anytime soon.

  7. Not running away, but taking a break. Taking time to think. To Relax. To Reflect. Charging up some energy. You’re not the one who’s in charge anymore, being responsible that orders are out and things are done. Don’t be so hard to yourself, but enjoy your time!

    Fort Lauderdale sounds like a cruise… J

    Please take care! (You’re the doc, so you know better than I why…)

  8. Wise woman. Healing yourself. You are dear and much loved. Your stories are a treasure and a gift. As are you. I’m glad you are taking some “me”-time.

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