Round and about in Adelaide

There are a few hours of time zone change from UAE to here in Adelaide, not including that pesky 30 minutes of offset that South Australia has from the Eastern Coast.  What I keep forgetting, as an obvious non-Australian, is that Adelaide has to be in tune and time with the rest of SA. This taking precedence over convience for all of us poor tourists. Since I have already have had to deal with the insane 45 minutes offset of Nepal, this should be a piece of cake? Right?  Shall I mention that daylight savings time goes away tonight and I still haven’t convinced my Fitbit to adopt the current time.

Our frolic and detour today involved Port Adelaide, or at least an area near there.  I was treated to traveling memories and a view of both the house my friends had lived in as children and that of their one set of grandparents.  Talking about the history of the area was fun. Along with a stop at Sarah’s Sister for a late lunch followed by a visit to Pets & Garden convienently located a couple of doors down. 

I chatted with Stella (a macaw) along with a couple of her mates, one of whom like saying “hello” without further commentary.  I looked at fruit trees nearing the end of the season.  Remember, all you fellow Northern Hemisphere types, that it is autumn here with winter on the horizon.  This must explain those two lovely pomegranate trees just full of fruit in Helen’s front garden.  I suppose I should really think about eating something else one of these days…

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  1. Alison says:

    A Parfianka pomegranate is the variety I hope to have in the not-distant future. There is nothing in the world like a truly fresh pomegranate straight off the tree. Enjoy!

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