Round 4 – Sock Madness

Obviously, I am mad or at least insane. Pattern landed in my mail box about 1630 this afternoon.

Also had some company (spinning) followed by taking my DH to the Bahnhof, my friend to her house. Walking the dog.

Making another run to pick up the DH from the train station.

Needless to say, I am no where near as far as I thought I would be on this picky pattern

Both cuffs were done early,

Then I decided to knit both sock tops before continuing on to the foot. Picky patterns (lace) deserve to be knit once…

at the end – I am going to have to fiddle with the required afterthought heel.

Train to Munich is at either 1315 or 1515…

Not much time to finish.

Like I said, insane.

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4 Responses to Round 4 – Sock Madness

  1. ruth says:

    Holly, Congrats on making the next round of SM2! Wonder Knitter! I should knit you a cape, but consider it a virtual cape!

  2. Denise says:

    Can you say fast boys and girls…wow!!

  3. Carmen says:

    Now that is Bright Yarn. I am rootin’ for you!

  4. You got there, didn’t you? Boy, you must have been working fast on that train! And I love the bright bright happy colourway.

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