Rocky Mountaineer Day 2

After a night in quiet Kamloops (they roll up the streets at 1800) we were out in front of the hotel for the short jaunt back to the train. I do think this is the best of both worlds – the train journey while you can see out the window and sleeping on a stable bed. I’m not a college student anymore so staying on the train overnight in order to avoid the cost of a hostel bed is not a critical factor.

The scenery today was fascinating but not spectacular in the same way. If you look at Google Maps (or whatever app you like) you can follow the train tracks from Kamloops to Vancouver. What is remarkable is the cooperation between Canadian National and Canadian Pacific. There is a set of tracks on each side of the river (Thompson followed by Frasier). One set is owned by one, the other by the second. Rather than competing, there is a standing agreement that westbound traffic from all the lines is on one side and eastbound on the other. This speeds up rail traffic tremendously, especially since many of the trains (I counted several in the 190+ car length) are really too long for any reasonable siding.

Since we are on a private passenger train, we get to pull over….

The pictures:
First – leaving Kamloops –

Traveling along the river:

When the rivers join:

And then there was Hell’s Gate at which point the river narrows to 32 feet across resulting in a bit of a current. Today, it is a tourist look-out and bright spot over the river:

And lastly – you can tell that technology has moved on and it would be just too much work to go back and pull all of these out:

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