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Roads to nowhere — 10 Comments

  1. That was a somewhat familiar route. With my FIL now gone, I don’t know when we’ll fly it again. I enjoyed the photographic memory jogging; thank you.

  2. Fantastic pictures!

    Your mention of the United InFlight app prompted me to go and look for a more generic one, and I came across Flyover Country, a free (!) app developed by the University of Minnesota under a National Science Foundation grant. It operates offline (you can save the maps you will need beforehand so that you are not dependent on expensive in-flight wifi) and gives a choice of street maps, satellite maps, landscape features and geological maps & features. There is also a lot of reference material, including a guide to clouds and landscapes, and an illustrated guide to “Rocks seen from 35,000 ft.”! I have only just started exploring it but it looks good. It only needs GPS so it can be used in flight-safe mode (I think!).

    • Thanks! that app is cool and free counts for a lot. FYI – cell phones don’t interfere any longer with flight navigation – they just don’t want you on your phone on the flight.

      Turning off the ringer and exercising reasonable behavior is good enough.

  3. Houston? You becoming an astronaut…or you’re then going down to Galveston and are on a cruise?

    • Actually, very much. I do not read that much non-fiction outside of professional literature. But this is an engaging and personal look by a writer who is both very readable and provides references for those who like to look up such things.

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