Let us not forget the Elephant. (47/95)

Ok – it was hit the river time and make waves, clear rapids etc to meet our bus for the last segment of our journey. So it was this morning that we packed everything once again into the waterproof blue bags. Except for the really valuable stuff which went in the secure drum on each raft. No one, least of all the guides, were interested in electronics or meds getting went.

it was hazy

it was hazy

when we left

which obviously means that I get to blame the haze and the small Canon D20 waterproof camera for the lousy pictures. Or something like that….

We made just a short stop (fruit and ATM) in the main town which matched everywhere else in terms of people, buses and the ubiquitous motorcycle.

before proceeding to our hotel just on the outskirts of Chitwan National Park. Due to serious issues with poaching, 900 military members guard the park and they are the only ones allowed to live inside. The hotels and lodges are now all outside the gates..

anyway – on to the elephants – and my apologies to my unasked models. Needless to say, it was not easy getting three people settled into that platform with one facing out each side and one behind the elephant driver with their feet braced on a board.

and we were off to see whatever we could see.

Honestly – as a comparison, a camel ride is smooth. Sitting facing sideways always seemed to put me on the wrong side of whatever I wanted to photo. And as far as the elephant holding still? Not in this lifetime.

Even so, the deer were out as well as a few birds –

but the Rhinos were the stars …

cute to his mom?

cute to his mom?

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