Right Seat – Left Seat

Along with all the other times, the military (mostly Army) has specific vocabulary for transitions, turnovers, overlaps and transfers of responsibility from one organization to another.

One of those terms that has evolved is the “left seat – right seat” ride. Where this might initially sound confusing, it actually makes logical sense. Think of drivers and passengers in a car (US/EU style not UK).

First the driver is in charge. After the passenger gets the idea, they take over as the driver with the original person sitting in the passenger seat – for just in case.

So, how we do it is take the new people around for a few days, get them familiar with everything. In the middle of the transition we change responsibilities. We put the new people in charge and stay to back them up.

And then we split out the door to get our own “stuff” done prepartory to leaving.

So that is where I am. Pretty much getting my replacement up to enough speed that he can handle things for a few hours while I desperately try to sort out the room. I still have post office, CIF (gear turn in) and weapons/ammo to deal with on Thurs.

Of course, all of this assumes that I can get myself in gear.

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10 Responses to Right Seat – Left Seat

  1. Carmen says:

    Oh, I didn’t know what you meant by left seat, right seat. That’s kinda cute.

    I hope your replacement will have success in repelling the MRI Dragon!

  2. Ruth says:

    When are you coming home? such excitement. Plan lots of knitting projects!

  3. Mary says:

    This is so exciting to read!! I can’t wait for these next days to be over for you!!

    Do you know if you have to go Stateside or can you go directly to Germany?

    Pls take great care & PLS stay safe!!!!

  4. April says:

    I will not believe it nor heave a sigh of relief until you are safely home.

  5. Ruth says:

    I’m started to get excited for you….it felt too soon before!

  6. Ron says:

    Now I thought the origin of that term was from aviation. Here you actually have responsibility assigned depending on which seat you are in – even tho both have a set of controls. The PIC (pilot in command) would sit in one seat and have the overall mission completion responsibility whereas the CP (copilot) did much of the flying under PIC direction. As CP gets more experienced, they would switch roles to allow CP to get some PIC time in prep for his PIC checkride – hence left seat-right seat changeover theme.

    Or maybe its just based on which portapotty you sit in…

  7. Holly says:

    Actually – I like your version better!

  8. Lynne says:

    I’ve lost track of the days… how long ‘til THE day?

  9. Berg says:

    With departure day approaching, I think you will find the motivation to get yourself in gear…LOL

  10. Bob says:

    It’ll all get done, perfectly. Think of the experience acquired over the long run! And whatever may not get done . . . didn’t need doing.

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