Richmond -> DC

It’s sunny and quiet sitting on the Richmond’s Station patio. Or at least it was before loud and rude people made their appearance scaring off the birds and irritating the rest of us. I was here in time to watch #79 – the southbound Carolinian arrive only 15 minutes late.

You could hear the train several crossings before it pulled into the station. It rolled up on the far track and the passengers headed toward the station at the same time the waiting group lined up at the gate. The baggage guy had it down pat. He rolled out with the new luggage, handed it up to the baggage car, then gathered the waiting bags from the platform and headed back. A second cart came buzzing back with bags of trash. Less than three minutes and the train was on its way after a turnover of at least 50.

Imagine clearing an airplane that fast! So now I wait with 14 others hanging around, blasted out of my relaxation by the dude on the very loud speaker.

My train was actually on time and surprisingly still within 10 minutes of scheduled arrival to Union Station. Finding the luggage delivery was more difficult (no – no signs saying Baggage – only one saying “Red Cap Service”). The Metro turned out to be on a holiday schedule with the Red Line running @ 20 minute intervals and Blue/Yellow at 24. Given all of that, including the walk from Crystal City Metro I still made my hotel in less than an hour.

Both my hotel and the one next door were hosting large numbers of motorcycle veterans in town for Memorial Day. Mostly New York next door and the south in my hotel. No grunge here; beautiful bikes and kempt clean bikers.

Off to hunt the elusive dinner feast.

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