Reykjavik — 3 Comments

  1. Irish Monks = 10th/11th cent.

    Icelandic reformation = 16th cent. And was at the point of the sword, so to speak. The Danish king decreed Lutheranism = state religion or else.

    Those 2 bishops hated each other, so I suggest internal politics at work!

  2. The story we heard on our trip to Iceland in 2005 was the Irish have made a substantial contnribution to Iceland’s gene pool. Norse men (as opposed to Norsemen) sailing from Scandinavia to Iceland stopped in Ireland to carry away supplies and women.

  3. I love the history you share with us. I’ve wanted to go there to see the Northern Lights. Alaska is supposed to be good for that too. There are really good deals to Iceland now and then, tho not as good as they used to be.
    Perfect weather here now. Cool mornings and warm, sunny days.

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