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  1. Hi Holly,

    I was just clicking randomly through a few blogs of the SAM4-KAL, when I noticed the header picture on your blog. And it looked definitely verrry familiar. Heidelberg?? No. Yes. I can’t believe it 😀 I live just 20 km south of HD in Meckesheim!

    Suse (also on the SAM4-KAL)

  2. Hi Holly,

    me again (sorry). My eyes just got caught by the word “Nußloch” … the funny part of it? Some time ago I was regularly participating in the Nußloch/Leimen-Spinnzirkel. Maybe I should go there again? 🙂 BTW: I have a Schacht wheel at home, too 😉

    We`re planning on having small knitting-meetings on a regular basis in the area of Heidelberg/Mannheim. If you’re interested in joining us, just email me 🙂 Spinning wheels of course allowed if there is enough room available (sorry for my bad English)


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