Retro Hugos

For those of you who are not familiar with Science Fiction & Fandom, please bear with me (bare? oh yes there are always a few of those.) The first significant gathering of SciFi fans, friends, authors and other serious devotees of the genre occurred in 1939, New York City. Apparently they had so much fun, they decided to do it again. With the exception of a few war years, this convention – now named WorldCon – meets every year. This year is the 72nd WorldCon aka LonCon 3 meeting in London. In 1953 the Hugo Awards were instituted to recognize greatness in the field. From novels and short forms, authors and editors, the list of categories has grown over the years to include semi-pro and fans (fanzines) and now the extensive lists includes fiction, non-fiction (reference materials), publications, podcasting, long and short form action (TV & movies), art, editors…

Tonight the production team presented the Hugos for 1939 along with several of the expected “presented at the Con” awards.

Presented as a live radio program

Presented as a live radio program

I made it till almost 2200 and headed back to the hotel completely wiped having worked registration for a good chunk of the day. I ran into dozens of convention friends and managed to finish the first 1/4 of my knitted top and headed around to the back making progress there as well.

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