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  1. I agree with Kath. More people should approach each day to enjoy it and feel happy.

    Good luck with the cross stitch, it should look good when it’s finished.

  2. Sounds like you have a solid plan for the new year! Love the cross stitch, looking beautiful.

    • my other plan in the short term is to get through to the 14th and fly to FLL and get on the Freedom…

      • Now that sounds more like you! Make sure you get lots of resting and relaxation on your resolutions list too!!

  3. Perfect. And you and they just happened to show up at the right place together at the right time and you heard them and I love it when the choreography of G_d is so clearly at hand. You will forever be the Coolest Lady Ever to them.

  4. I do love your cross stitch piece! I own 6 zillion charts for all sorts of counted thread embroidery, but I’m just not doing any of it any more. Still, I know that the minute I offload those charts, I’ll want them.

    • i am off loading things when I find someone who wants them. Then I don’t feel guilty at all. Plus honestly – the stuff I wanted to do 20-30 years ago is not what I want to do now…..

  5. Your unresolutions are wonderful. All of us would benefit from more of your common sense. My only goal for 2017 is to “just breathe,” take the time to enjoy every day. No big goals or accomplishments, just old-fashioned self-care…

    • Just breathe is important. For that matter, sanity is important and a bit more relax without guilt would do us all a lot of good.

  6. I subscribe to the concept of common sense vs resolution. Why is it so hard to give up the compulsion to achieve! I’m still trying to figure that out.

    • Hey, no! If either of you had asked, I would have sent supplies. But really, it is a fantastic # of hours consumed for the amount of money in supplies.

        • lots and lots of hours spent for not all that much invested in cash. Lots of little threads. Some charts, fair amount of cursing and swearing..

          all is good

          • Zandra say “yeah” and a good pair of glasses. She just ordered one of those domed magnifiers like they use on board in future sails. Oh and lots of mumbling (haven’t heard the cursing, yet).

  7. We all know common sense isn’t anywhere near as common as we would like to think. Rather, I think it falls into the category of wisdom. Wisdom, that set of knowledge one accumulates over a lifetime of figuring out what is or is not important. Just as tomatoes do not belong in a fruit salad, lives shouldn’t be measured by unpacked boxes. Of course, unpacked boxes are much easier to quantify than happiness.

  8. I’m finding that just giving stuff away instead of obsessing about trying to sell them is much more satisfying.

    One of my favorite Mutts cartoons has one of the pets writing a to-do list for the day. “Breathe in. Breathe out. It helps to have a list.” It’s taped inside the cover of my planner.

    • Good Cartoon. Need to remember that one. I am obsessing only a bit – but about finding good homes for things. The good thing about not being poor is not needing to sell the fiber supplies.

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