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  1. Hope you are having fun in the sun!!

    You, of course, know how golf got its name? Well, just in case you don’t…
    Those Scots you mentioned in your email, Holly, were wandering around the course hitting the poor defenceless little ball and one asked the other how they could ensure that this sacred time away from the womenfolk could be ensured. Then they decided that the would name their new pasttime GOLF…..
    are you ready….

    gentlemen only ladies forbidden.

    And that, my friends, is how the “sport” got its name!!!

  2. It is indeed a giggle that golf is still a “status” activity. Well, at least they are getting vitamin D out of it.

    Are they really ‘villa’ quality (complete with wretched excess) or are they actually vacation homes? I hope your weather is ok – better than here, anyway. Is there art to look at/buy? Pools to swim in? I would quite like that right now.

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