Where you were, what you were doing that morning of East Coast Time. Coffee perhaps? Or tea at your desk partway through the work day? Were you asleep since in your life and time it was too early to think about being awake much less fire and falling bodies.

The number of lives lost was not actually all that great if you compare it to other disasters both natural and man made. But this particular act of violence has had long term consequences for both the US and the world. Innocence and security at home can’t be reestablished. Iraq, Afghanistan and the aftermath can’t be undone.

These last 13 years have seen changes in attitudes, civil liberties, and justice in the US and none of them for the good.

What is now being lost are the personal stories. The memories of those who who were killed, those who died while doing their jobs in the service of their city, county, country.

Not just today, but for the next few days – think. It has been 13 years. We all have been affected. Not just the US but from almost all countries around the world whose citizens were in the Twin Towers, at the Pentagon, on that final flight going to ground.

Remember, think about your contributions for the last 13 years. And say a prayer or light a candle or meditate on where you are going from here in memory of those individuals, their families, friends and the holes left by their deaths.

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