Red and Grey

are colors that I often wear. So much so that I have been asked if I own anything (other than blue jeans) that does not fall into the categories of red or shades of white-grey-black.

The answer is a strong, maybe.

This might explain why I decided to knit this sweater from Drops in shades of grey and red.

Carefully reading through the directions, I rapidly figured out two things. The first is that, as a cardigan the sides are not going to match without steeks. The second is that I have to be willing to have stripes that are not the same width.

While I was at it, I decided to make a few changes. Not being a fan of reverse stockinette, I borrowed the garter variant from the last sweater.

Being quite lazy, and recently more than willing to frog things that do not make me happy – the

first sleeve

first sleeve

is going to serve for both a gauge swatch and to see if I like how the colors come out. So far I am happy. I don’t mind stripes on sleeves and it should be reasonably easy to make them match.

I have four 100 gm balls of sock yarn, on 3.00 mm needles. It should be enough for the smallest size. Unless, of course, I wind up with too much wastage from matching patterns.

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