It is a new day and my sense of humor is somewhat restored. Made better by my husband getting back safely from Switzerland last night and taking me out for dinner on the way home.

I was getting pretty sick of nutella and string cheese (don’t ask).

For the last several days there has been a chorus of “oh poor me” signing a song in my head; distracting me with high levels of whine, self pity and other assorted irritants which has made me a not very popular person in this household.

Please consider that I am currently in Heidelberg and George, as mentioned above, spent the last two days in Switzerland. Leaves us all with the understanding that I haven’t been particularly fun to be around. Not for anyone else and certainly not for myself.

I have been attempting to sort out my multiple backup drives, consolidating important things like photos, edit a couple of articles, audiobooks and just generally be a bit more organized than I have in the past.

Never mind (grin). I will be fine. And here till the 16th of Aug.

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2 Responses to Recovered

  1. Cat says:

    Nutella and string cheese? Sending virtual emergency supplies of fresh fruit and vegetables now! 🙂 (Mind you the evil Middle Cat made me buy cake and macaroons – neither of which we needed.)

  2. Helen says:

    Poor George. You sound Like Steve, always got a task to do.
    I wish I could go to Switzerland for a couple of days as well

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