Rattling teeth

In the middle of the night I awoke shivering, huddled in a small ball in the middle of the bed. The register felt like ice, stone quiet cold.

For a minute, I thought I was in Minnesota and did what any smart person from the northern part of the US does. I checked the windows, put on another layer and went back to bed. Figuring that if the furance was dead, no one was going to do anything about it in the middle of the night.

After all, I am not all that old and certainly not ill. There are no small children in the house nor anything else that can’t survive a few hours of chill.

Creaking out of bed this morning there seemed to be a tinge of heat to the register. Ok, the furnace is not dead. And the reason for the cold is?

Well, guess what? Yesterday when I was trying to be a responsible citizen and clean the house including vacuming the whole place, I bumped the thermostat.

Never thought anything about it at all. But apparently I had turned the dial down. Low enough that the heating cycle wasn’t triggered. Feeling like an idiot, I turned it back up wondering why I didn’t have some heat since it obviously was a lot colder than 15 degrees in the house.

Perhaps I should even read the directions for the fancy electric programming for what is otherwise a nice, easy heating system.


This old bread machine, left hanging around my last office by someone moving back to the US has been wonderful. I am backing a loaf every few days. I have now come up with a reciepe that really seems to work:
placed in the bread machine in the following order
1 cup of bread flour
1 cup of whole wheat flour
1 cup of bread flour
2 tbs of brown sugar
scant tbs of granulated yeast.
separately toss an egg, 2 tablespoons of plant oil and three of tomato chutney in a measuring cup. After stirring a bit, fill it the rest of the way up to 1 3/4 cup with milk. Give it another stir, then pour on top of the flour mixture.

Set the bread machine on large, whole wheat (mine takes almost 4 hours since the cycle includes a lot of resting time).


and you get this lovely loaf of bread.


Which I did not eat while watching the last DvD of Season 2 Bones since I have kids coming tomorrow and might want to offer them something other than frozen bagels.


Progress on the second silver streak sock.



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