Raining in Zeebrugge 

It’s raining, the wind is up and there are white caps on the bay. We are in Zeebrugge and I am happily ensconced in the concierge lounge with my Mac Air, latte, knitting and camera.

Instead of paying to get out of the commercial port and to a local town rather than being dropped off outside the gate in the small commercial zone where there are chandleries, coffee shops and wifi, I am staying warm and dry. Last year the shuttle was local and free. This year they want 12€. I am not amused (grin).

Cheré has also elected to stay.

It will soon be time to contemplate lunch, perhaps a nap. More useful would be a sort, toss and pack drill. Or perhaps catch up on some editing or course work. In either case my most difficult decision will be latte vs mocha.

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