R1- D3 – Katakolon

Which is the lovely little town in Greece that serves as the port and gateway to Olympia. I was here last year. It was where I had a chance to talk to a number of the shop keepers about Greece. Shop owners who were not at all reticent to explain that they were working, the government not so much. And certainly they had to pay taxes. And who did I think paid for all the improvements in the street, the sidewalks, the store fronts so as to make it attractive? Certainly not the government….

This is also the town with two small interesting, if not strange, small museums. The first alleges to be an historical museum of Greek Inventions. Doesn’t matter what it is, it was invented here first in Greece. Most likely decades to centuries before the rest of the world. It is small, fun and entertaining. Probably worth a few Euros the first time through, not a second. The other museum features musical instruments with much the same theme. If it is worth having, it was invented here….

I went for a stroll, I relaxed. Trying to balance out my frustration with the ship’s internet. That rogue wave that took out 12 windows in the Viking Crown lounge (Deck 11), soaked the carpet and trashed untold thousands of dollars of dishes and glassware apparently also did a number on the satellite antenna that handles comms. Internet stays up for a few minutes at a time, if it comes up. Frustrating to say the least.

Research not getting done. Email not being read or written, books not getting borrowed from various public libraries. Color me not a really happy bunny for the moment.

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