Quebec City

It is only 1300 and I feel like I have been traveling all day.

Well, I probably have since my flight from DCA was 0600 in the morning which meant a wake-up before 0400 coupled with a no coffee ride to the airport. To add insult to injury – there is no lounge in Terminal A. Makes sense considering it is primarily SW Air, Frontier Air and Air Canada. The lovely woman at the check-in counter informed me that there was a Star Alliance Lounge over in Terminal B, but that I might not have enough time to safely wander over and get back. So there I was, early to the gate area at 0450 (did I mention that the counter was not exactly manned early but security was an absolute breeze) without coffee but in possession of free Wifi.

My connection was through Toronto where I may have encountered the one pleasant immigration agent in the whole Canadian system. She smiled, agreed that I could have put either “personal” or “business” down as the reason for the visit; either was fine. Especially since I had a return airline ticket to the US.

Toronto to Quebec City was Air Canada Express. And yes, a slightly bigger than the average puddle jumper. I had the mis/good fortune to be in the first row of this classless aircraft. My seat mate turned out to be headed to the same meeting. A pharmacist from South Africa, we had a nice conversation about traveling in sub-Saharan Africa. This is her first time attending an ISTM meeting and we have agreed to meet later for lunch/supper/whatever.

It was a taxi to the city: the public bus doesn’t run on weekends. At least it is a fixed rate to the CBD (Central Business District). From the hotel it was just a short walk to the Convention Center where I received a nice bag, various assorted seminar invitations and the Wifi access code. I am contemplating walking back to the hotel about 1600 in order to charge up the electronics and divest myself of the heavy backpack before returning for the 1700 opening…..

Or I could wander the streets with my camera…..

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