Puerto Vallarta

Ok, try two since I managed to wipe the first completely. Go figure. Fingers faster than the brain on the phone I guess.

Today’s stop is Puerto Vallarta, much loved by crew for the easy access to both Walmart and large grocery store visible from the ship and less than 400 meters outside the port. Not a commercial port off the end of the earth either but set up to dock reasonable size cruise ships within access to all one needed.

I am guessing that Cortes/similar were responsible for what was a small fishing village on Mexico’s west coast since 1525. “Discovered” in the 1960s, tourism has helped grow the town to its current 1/4 million. Facing the Bay of Banderas (doubt any connection to Antonio) it stretches along the shore and snuggles into the mountain range just to the east.

I imagine there are more than a few time shares here to fill the tall shiny buildings with their glass and balconies. Much more appealing to me are the adobe style homes in warm colors adorned with red tile roofs easily visible from here.

Obviously the area is safe to walk and enjoy. The absence of SeƱor Frogs with speakers and drunks a welcome relief.

Perhaps I should have signed up for a snorkeling trip in an effort to use my OBC but there were clouds in the sky. Gee, that sounds stupid when I think of it. Let me plead cold water temps instead.

There are three sea days after this. So far I have completed two cowls and am contemplating either shawl or hat.

We dock on the 17th and it is back to the world. Or Muir Woods.

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