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Power out is not powerless — 12 Comments

  1. I completely agree. We all need to participate in the solution. I think of all the Tesla charging stations in my area. Sounds earth friendly until one remembers that carbon fuels power the power plants…

    • someone has to have done all the calculations as to whether the carbon going into the electricity is less than the carbon burned as fuel. plus the plants do run on less refined….
      but I am happiest if I can use public transport

  2. This is a really great post, Holly.
    I hope your power is back soon, and that the fires are under control soon.
    We all need to do more. Getting rid of this administration is barely a start.

  3. My poor parents and brother/SIL in Marin are in the dark. But at least they don’t have to evacuate.

  4. Be safe..keeping you in my prayers… we are keeping an eye on the mountains we can see from our front window. They have been on fire most of the day and the winds aren’t helping one bit. We are not in danger but I will be indoors with the windows shut until the air is clear. As you said in your earlier post, it’s all over. Safe drive home..

  5. We began voting early when the annual Busch Garden “work” began each November. Hope to flip VA Dem this year- we’re so close.

    • and we are on permanent mail in ballots. Just makes life so much easier. And insures that we vote

  6. Stay safe Holly. Praying lack of power is the only consequence of you from the fires. It’s downright scary

  7. Because this is Fl and we often have no power after tropical storms, I have lanterns (battery operated), and even a generator at my daughters house….So I’m familiar with the pitch black. But usually, it’s also in the 90’s. Good thing I’m acclimated to the heat

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