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Plug-in hijacker! — 6 Comments

  1. Ouch. I feel for you.I’m still too scared to delve deeply into teh code on my site or blog. I suckered someone else to pull their hair out for me 😉 Anyways, I first got a 404 error (whatever that means), but there was a nice note to not waste any time and just click the link. Which I did. Which brought me here. So maybe that means it’s working. Or at least you’ve succeeded in a work-around.

  2. Yikes! Hope this comment goes through o.k. I didn’t know they have Starbucks ice cream in Germany–sounds like it was a good thing you had some on hand.

  3. Hello!

    So far so good. Sorry to read about your computer issues stealing away from knitting time–just not right! Hopefully all is well now!

  4. Hi Holly! The last time I attempted something on my blog, I lost (missplaced??) ALL my archives. I tried fixing whatever it was I did but just made things worse. Then I walked away and called it a day. Outsmarted by a machine once again.
    How long before you will be without the sling?

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