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  1. The only person I have EVER seen distracted on a motorbike (and I’m around plenty quite a bit) was a girl riding a moped on the highway and turning into my neighborhood. Literally holding the damned phone in her hand and looking down on it while making a turn into MY lane because she was too distracted to bother to stay in hers. If I had been closer, she could have run right into me. If she had been turning onto the highway or a busier, faster street she could have died. Having ridden on a moped in SoFla and a motorcycle here (and neighboring states) I have to say that if you’re messing with your phone while on two wheels, that’s Darwinism in action right there. 90% of cage drivers DO NOT RESPECT motorbikes. You HAVE to be on your A game.

    The scariest experience in a while was a dude in a semi going ten under the limit and halfway in my lane. I beeped and held the beep and it didn’t even register with the guy. The truck behind me ALSO beeped and luckily when he held on both of our horns (and his was WAY loud) startled the jackass who held up his hand – PHONE IN GRASP – in apology. I’m so glad Georgia made it illegal to use phone while driving, but I gotta say… doesn’t seem to be making a damn bit of difference.

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