Again, Livorno where the ship docked is a distance from those places which might be interesting. We saw a bit of the town considering that we did the hike from the shuttle stop to the train station.

Given the choice between paying $89 each for the bus ride to Florence, we elected the 15€/3 people and the 10.50€/3 people and went to Pisa. I even spent some of the savings on presents and still came out ahead.

The weather was beautiful, Ms Maus did not want to climb 300 steps. Ms Kletter and I hiked up. Now, you have to ask yourself. Why would people who never climb a flight of stairs or walk more than a couple of blocks decide they are fit enough (and will fit through narrow passages)? I have been doing 4+ miles a day and still felt a bit winded by the time I made the top. Never going to volunteer for a skyscraper race…

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  1. Diane Hungate says:

    I so love the photos. I’ve always wanted to visit Pisa and your lovely photos are the next best thing to being there! Last I heard they had closed the tower and were underpinning to keep it from falling over. Nice to see the tower is still standing although it looks a bit ‘straight’ 🙂

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