It’s 1000 and white stone gleams in the sunlight. Tourists flock with selfie sticks and expensive cameras. The museums and the tower are about to open; I can see the lines
Just starting to snake forward to disappear inside structures hundreds of years old. Down the blocked off street is part of the old city wall with souvenir and leather good tents lined up ready to separate the dazed from their cash. Everything of course is made in Italy. Too bad several merchants forgot to remove the China stickers.

I hadn’t planned on doing anything other than wandering Livorno today. But it is Sunday and neither NCL nor the port provide a free shuttle to town. As it is a working port, although no one seems to be working today, walking out is not allowed.

Just as I was about to return to the ship I was politely accosted by a couple of Canadians from Ottawa. They needed one more person to make up a van for the day. Pisa, the countryside, a couple of small towns. And me without my camera. Also in the group, a family from Santa Barbara with a couple of delightful young girls.

The Tower

The Tower

image image image

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