Did I mention that the youngest went and dyed her hair pink within 48 hours of our return from China? One of those wash out after forever kind of dyes. Pink on top of blond takes more than 26 washings, trust me.

Apparently she took my “You can’t do it before the trip, we will talk about it on your return” to mean that once she was back it would be ok. It is bright pink. Really. But no pictures. It is a fine time for her to be getting shy, not even showing up till hours after the deed.

Rumor has it the current colour is toned down from the original. In which case I am glad I did not see what it looked like before the first half-dozen shampoos.


Did I show you my new wheel? The plans were purchased from the UK about six-seven years ago. I hadn’t done anything with them except to look at them, deploy downrange for a while, come back and look at them some more. Annette carries spinning wheels in her shop. Her husband builds spinning wheels. In Dec 2005, I asked him about the possibility of building a Norwegian Wheel. He didn’t have plans. I did. We came up with a deal. I was not in a hurry and the plans could become his. Since I have a Timbertop’s Chairwheel, I did not inquire about Connecticut Chairwheels built from scratch. Not that I can find those plans – or the sheets for a large warping mill. Since my small Harrisville was destroyed in the last couple of moves. Looking around – it looks like David Bryant Craft Design Plans can be found here.

Back to my wheel.



I found a lovely short history with pictures here. Characteristically, many of the wheels had a flat bed rather that the more familiar slanted bed of the Saxony Wheels. The placement of the lazy kate underneath is common in most of the contemporary wheels I saw in various Husfliden’s in Norway.

It spins like a dream. I am a happy camper. Not that I needed a new wheel.


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